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zviad tsikolia


Zviad Tsikolia was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, faculty of Industrial Design.

His first success was at the republic-wide competition at Poti in 1986, where his truck design won the Grand Prix. In 1987, Zviad was awarded the bronze medal on the Exhibit of People's Achievements in Moscow, where he presented his trailer design. In 1993 he became a leading designer at Air Georgia. One of the milestone achievements was the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1997, where Zviad presented his Concept Car D'FACTOR inspired by Bugatti. In 2001, Zviad received an invitation from Peugeot on the position of a consultant. His Luxury Russo-Baltique Impression was exhibited in Villa d'Este in 2006 and at the Geneva Auto Show in 2007. He was hired as a leading designer by the Japanese company DCI in the same year. Zviad moved to a Georgian design bureau Delta in 2010 where he designed first Georgian armored vehicle Didgori. Zviad regularly takes part in a number of projects. He founded his own watch company UNIQ in 2011. In 2013–2014 he worked as a consultant to the company SAIC Motor, where he designed interior for the car concepts in development. In 2018 his designed airplane made its first fly.

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